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Mental Health Awareness Week

18 – 24 May 2020

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The brief

The Good Quote Instagram account were promoting Mental Health Awareness Week, by running a competition for creatives with selected work being promoted and posted amongst their social media channels, which have over 20 million followers.

The brief was to create original art around the theme of the week, Kindness. Apart from this, it was an open brief. I decided to work towards simple graphics with a powerful message.

Used: Graphic Design

The outcome

I created a total of eight different graphics for use in the competition. One of these was chosen to feature on The Good Quote Instagram account which gathered over 60k likes!

Take a look at the finished graphics below and also, feel free to download and use these on your social channels!

I would also love to hear your feedback and if you want me to do more!

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Need more convincing?

A bigger, ongoing project I am working on is Keylite Roof Windows. As a full time web developer for this company, I am constantly tweaking, changing and updating the web side of things. E-Commerce is a strong focus here, which is where I have learned most of my trade.

Take a look and see for yourself.

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