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The brief

Gordons IT Services is a relatively new and small business, dealing in general computer repairs and full office sets, CCTV installation and the likes. As it stood, they had no existing website, logo or online presence. The brief for this client was very simple, they required a website, an SEO undertaking and some graphic design assets. They also had no social media presence and were not part of Google MyBusiness.

As this was a new business, they had no brand positioning, logo concepts or brand guidelines. Although this is not where my area of expertise lies, I did attempt to help with this.

Services Required: Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design

The outcome

I believe the outcome for this project was very good, as currently this business is sitting with a 5 star rating on Google MyBusiness and they are ranking on the second page of Google for “Computer Repair Carrickfergus”, which could be improved, but from having no presence to this in a matter of a few months is a good achievement.

To start with this project, I created wireframes and concepts, all the while including the client at every step of the process. This meant that I was able to get a good understanding of the business, what they can and can’t provide and where they wanted the focus to lie.

As this was a new business, I was tasked with also creating a logo that would help them stand out in the marketplace. I researched into potential competitors for this business and could see that very few of this type of business had a modern, clean and crisp looking website. This helped when creating the logo.

The end product is very sleek and slick, clean and with a strong focus of imagery from the local surroundings and stock images, with a very simple logo that I and the client believes will help them to stand out in an area where there is a lot of competition.

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Need more convincing?

A similar project to this would be the work I done with Culbann Clay Pigeon Shooting Club. They also required a new, fresh and modern website that would help take them to the next level.

On top of this they were not ranking on Google for any content and did not have a Google MyBusiness Account.

Take a look and see for yourself.

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